SHAH Corporation holds a leading position in India for production & marketing of precision PTFE ® Products. For more than 30 years we have concentrated on production of PTFE products & have excelled in quality & services.

We have a wide range of fabricating capabilities of PTFE & Fluoropolymer Composites. We offer precision parts to their specifications. With the utilization of the most advanced equipments & its expertise, we provide the highest quality at the lowest cost to the customer. Having extensive knowledge & experience to 'the benefit in application' of these materials,

  • • We Offer Material Development
  • • Technical Service
  • • Applications Information & Problem Solving
As the need for more demanding use emerge, we use our expertise to customize PTFE to create products with enhanced Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical, Chemical and Tribological properties & to achieve results such as:
  • • Improved resistance to cold flow or creep
  • • Reduction in wear, friction or abrasion
  • • Improved dimensional stability
  • • Increased stiffness and surface hardness
  • • Improved electrical insulation
  • • Improved flexural life
We offer the quickest deliveries on all custom & fabricated parts. Services offered:
  • Same day shipping of standard orders
  • Blanket orders and material stocking programs
  • Same day airport service available