Fluid Sealing Products

• PTFE Thread Sealant Tapes

We offer a variety of PTFE Thread Sealant Tape to suit critical industrial applications. Thread sealant tapes are manufactured in accordance with BS 4375 & MIL-T-27730A. High density PTFE tapes are also offered suitable for lines carrying propane, butane, natural gas, water, oil & chemicals. These tapes are usable on all types of pipes & threads. They are capable to withstand pressure up to 100 PSIG and temperature of -240 to + 260 degree centigrade. Size range: ½" Width to 1" Width & in continuous length of 10 – 12 meters.

• Asbestos Free Gland Packing

We offer a complete spectrum of Asbestos free braided / compression packing manufactured from PTFE, aramid, graphite, carbon & other high tensile fibers.

• PTFE Universal Soft Packing
• PTFE Graphite Soft Packing
• PTFE Graphite Soft Packing
• Expanded Graphite Packing
• Carbon Packing
• PTFE Packing
• Aramid Packing
• PTFE - Aramid Combination Packing
• PTFE - Graphite Combination Packing
• Hollow Core & Solid Core Packing
• Sealing Compounds
• Expanded PTFE Gasket Tape
• Expanded Graphite Gasket Tape