Control Hydraulics Products

• Piston & Rod Seals

We are dedicated to the manufacture of PTFE seals for use in chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, aerospace, automotive, offshore oil and general industrial applications. We manufacture in a large range utilizing several PTFE composites to meet the specific requirements.



• Shaft Seals

We are able to provide a complete line of shaft and ring seals. Our experience in manufacturing O rings, labyrinth and static seals with engineered clearances and pressure balancing features allows us to provide assistance in solving sealing problems and improving ring life. Shafts have to be sealed under severe conditions. Shaft-seals may have to work in aggressive media, in high temperatures, with limited lubrication or none at all. Electrometric seals often fail under these conditions, whereas composite PTFE seals have been used very successfully here.

• Wear Strips & Guide Rails.

PTFE bearing strips are used to guide pistons and piston rods in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Piston life is considerably improved when bearing strips are installed adjacent to the piston by ensuring concentricity and damping vibrations. Strips are available in a variety of PTFE composites in various thicknesses to suit the application precisely.